The Modern Table exhibition at the Riffe Gallery

The Modern Table: Ohio Furniture Designers exhibition opened on November 7, 2013 at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus, OH. Cleveland-area artists/designers are well represented and I’m happy to be included in this group. Tim Friar curated a strong and diverse group of pieces for the exhibition and Mary Gray—along with her installation team at the Riffe Gallery—made it all look fantastic.

Here are two links to follow if you’d like to know more about the exhibition or see more of the included work.

The Modern Table: Ohio Furniture Designers

November 7, 2013 – January 12, 2014

Curated by Tim Friar, director of business development at Design Central and owner of Grid Furnishings, The Modern Table: Ohio Furniture Designers showcases the works of 26 artists, including industrial designers, fine artists, furniture makers, engineers, an architect and others. The artists in the exhibition demonstrate how the process of modern furniture design surpasses a functional purpose and results in the construction of art pieces.

“Designers, in whatever time they live, design for their view of function and aesthetic appeal as they see it at that time. Modern furniture, however, has been viewed by many in retrospect as not only highly functional but as art,” said Curator Friar. “The common theme in this exhibit is a passion for modern furniture design.”

Artists in the show include: Alex Aeschbury, Cincinnati; Jeffrey Alexander, Worthington; John Arthur, Cleveland; Albert Barkman, Millersburg; Virginia Birchfield, Mount Vernon; Wendy Birchfield, Cleveland; Sam Cahill, Cleveland; Chris Comella, Cleveland; Zach Darmanian-Harris, Cincinnati; Jacob Dehus, Worthington; John Dixon, Cincinnati; Jack Garriott, Columbus; Freddy Hill, Lakewood; Michel Ina, Lyndhurst; Tim Karoleff, Cincinnati; Mark Moskovitz, Cleveland Heights; Brad Musuraca, Cincinnati; Mike Nauman, Cincinnati; Jason Radcliffe, Rocky River; Joseph Ribic, Willoughby; Kevin Shahan, Kent; Hayes Shanesy, Cincinnati; Shawn Sowers, Perrysburg; John Strauss, Canton; Tarik Yousef, Raymond; and Stephen Yusko, Lakewood.